1. The Great Durga Temple, Aihole
Providing and laying of sand stone apron all around the well, in front of Gavadargudi & sand stone pathways connecting temple has been completed with curbing stone.

2. Temple with front white washed with a large Nandi in the Hall (about 100yards west of the south -west gate way of the town.) ((Huchhappyya math local name), Aihole
Reconstruction of the dismantled ancient fortification wall south side of the Huchhappayya temple using 70% available stone with 30% new stone wherever necessary has been completed. Constructing UCR masonry wall for rear support to the fortification wall (dry masonry wall) for dismantled portion and missing portion of fortification wall including constructing curing has been completed.
Also the work of laying of sandstone pathway to the temple was carried out.

4. Ramalinegeshwar temple, Aihole
Carefully removing the old undulated sand stone flooring and relaying around sub shrines near & around temple complex has been completed. Laying sand stone flooring all around the temple & pathways connecting temple, ramp, landing with proper gradient with curbing stone has been completed.

5. Veniyar Gudi, Aihole
The work of construction of compound wall was completed. Also sand stone flooring was provided to the monument.